·         The structure has been engineered in accordance with EN 13782:2005 Temporary Structures – Tents- Safety

·         Design Loadings are derived for 70 mph Gust Wind speed or 320mm Snow

·         94mmx48mmx3mm Aluminium 6082TS extrusion

·         60mmx40mmx5mm Steel RHS used for Haunch Inserts – Min strength S275

·         Purlins  45mm dia. – 14 gauge

·         Bracing Cables 6mm dia.

·         Anchorage  900mmx25mm Stake driven into the ground 800mm

·         9m Width x 12m Length x 3.4m Height, with add-on bays to increase its length. Width can also be increased by using longer beams and appropriate PVC Covers

·         PVC – Flame retardant to BS 7837 tested to BS5438 Lowick UV Resistant – In Light Grey Covers as Standard – Other Colours are available